Universal Mobile Series
M1+, M1+V.C., XP1+ , XP1+V.C.
Hong Kong Brand
Since iPhone(iOS), Android, Samsung, , HTC, NOKIA, etc. smart mobile device is crashing to our daily life. It is totally changed our communication habit. Therefore we aimed to create a series of earphones product that make call with friends + enjoy music on all this smart phone devices - Universal Mobile Series is born for this reason.
We are an independent audio product company in Hong Kong that established in 2010.
Earphones without ear tips or foam tip which never can use to listen music! Without cable connection, you will never can use your devices.

What we do

MUSE was created in purpose to improve portable music lovers! in year of 2011, Mingo Headphone has purchased MUSE as the whole brand with its current belonged product list.

Our Products

In-Earphones, Portable Amplifier for audiophile, Ear tips accessories, Earphones Upgrade Cables

Latest News

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NOVEMBER 6, 2012
August 10, 2012

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JUNE 13, 2012
January 6, 2012